BRITS in FL Info

As a Brit living in Florida I know what is often important to us & we love our British TV & keeping in touch with the UK. So have a look at the following sites; Florida's only website for all things British, from finding an accountant, immigration lawyer, British Realtors, Jobs, British leisure clubs etc The accountant I use who is British but been a US account for 15 years +, based in Tampa. I needed an accountant with knowledge of the UK/US tax treaties for filing My US Immigration Lawyer Victoria Jaensch based in Sarasota

Watch UK TV in USA, there are numerous VPN/DNS companies to try out but I have personally used these & would recommend them. I also have a ROKU box & Now TV box. With ROKU you have to re-configure your Router, but all sites explain how to do that.   This is the one I currently use to watch all my UK Channels  British streaming programmes Now TV (Sky